Monday, January 30, 2012

Glaceau Vitamin Schtick

Here we have a lip balm scented to match the actual tastes of Vitamin Water! They really resemble each other, as far as my keen sense of smell is telling me. These were introduced about 3 years ago to the public (before that time they weren't available for purchase, just to people who contacted customer service and happened to receive them like I did in 2008). Anyway, I'm beginning to think that they've stopped production of these since I don't see them in the stores I used to find them at (i.e. Walgreens, Shoprite). Last week, the only decent online stores to carry them were and Amazon. I chose to purchase at since I was able to make use of my ShopRunner privileges and receive these in 2 days, without paying for shipping.

  • They smell delicious.
  • The texture is a creamy, non-opaque stick that glides on smoothly like Vaseline.
  • You never get chapped lips if you apply it in the morning and at night.
  • They have a hidden use (explained below).
  • Last a long time.
  • Hard to find.
  • They come sold in packs of 3 that don't necessarily include the flavors you want.
  • Not very cheap ($6.99 for a 3-pack) as opposed to other brands of scented lip balm.
So what's the hidden use? This may shock you, but I have tested this and it worked. Behold, the Vitamin Schtick can be used as HAND SALVE! Yes! Here's what happened: Last week I was at work and needed a chapped skin remedy immediately as my hands were all cracked (I don't know how it happened overnight). All I had with me was some of this stuff. Since I had about 1 use-worth left in the tube, I figured I'll try that on my hands. It glided on perfectly and best of all, my fingertips stayed clean (you know how greasy your fingertips get after applying a salve?). I used it like I'd use a glue stick. My skin felt so moisturized and rejuvenated afterwards, and pleasantly scented (not strong like other hand products). I just suggest you use a separate one for hands and lips :)


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  2. Did anyone mention anything about imbalances?

  3. I found mine at Dollar Tree...LOL. FOR A DOLLAR. Of course it was just one..

  4. you can find these at the 99 cent only store and at the dollar tree

  5. i have the big tubes of the lemonaid and the grape, id like to try the dragonfruit

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