Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Chrome web browser

  • Faster than Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Address bar doubles as a Google search box so you can input websites or search terms.
  • No extra buttons to distract or confuse you.
  • You can decorate your borders and tabs with themes.
  • Features "incognito tabs" that let you browse "off the record".
  • Is available in a Mac version.
  • Not compatible with certain secure website features. 
  • Updates automatically so you never know when to expect something new.
  • Many add-on toolbars that work for FF and IE don't install in Chrome.
Bottom Line: For fast everyday browsing, Chrome is the best way to go. Of course you'll encounter some incompatibility while using certain websites, but IE also has its own share of weird compatibility problems. If you stumble upon a site where something loads improperly, you can always switch to another browser. Chrome is great because of its dual-purpose address bar. You can use it to type in a web address (like "") or you can fill in search terms (such as "ways to earn money"). Try searching like that in IE or FF and you'll get strange errors.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 for Free Downloadable Fonts

  • Tons of free fonts to choose from.
  • No-hassle downloads.
  • Allows you to preview your custom text with each font and font-size displayed.
  • Neatly categorized by font style and advanced filtering options.
  • Clear and user-friendly.
  • Can't search by font name if you don't know the category it belongs to.
  • Not all fonts work well with Microsoft Office on Mac OS X (they work fine in Windows).
Bottom Line: Sometimes you're not content with Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia and Impact. And let's say you want a funky, handwritten font? Most websites that offer free downloadable fonts have a catch. They either let you choose from only a few preselected fonts, or they might ask you to first create an account and enter your credit card info. There are other sites that also offer totally free fronts; however, most don't have good searching and browsing options like does. It may be hard to remember the name of the site so bookmark it.