Thursday, April 19, 2012


I walked into a toy store last week hoping to find something exciting. I noticed a display of toys on a 50% off shelf so I naturally gravitated towards that part of the store. On the bottom shelf I see a torn, dented box of Lego City. I bend down to assess the damage and decide it's not so bad. It doesn't even look like there's that much missing from the actual Legos. I was with a friend so I told her to leave the store if she'll get embarrassed by what I plan to do next. She laughs and moves to the side while I walk up to the checkout counter with this bashed-up box of Lego. I explain to the man that this is really damaged but I would consider buying it if he can give me a discount on them. He's like "Yeah, it looks bad so I'll give it to you for cheaper." Before he can think of anything, I blurt out, "I'll take it for $5!" Let's bear in mind that Lego City sets like these run about $40, so if it was in the half-off bin, it would be about $20. To my pure delight, the guy says OK! So I walked out with a $40 box of Lego for 87.5% off! When I got home I saw that only about 5 actual Lego pieces were missing. Nobody's gonna notice.


  1. Toys! I love toys!

    I gotta get me some gumption.

  2. Speaking of toys, I have a $20 TOYS R US giftcard and no ideas of how to spend it! A while ago, Google Offers had these "pay $10 for $20 at Toys R Us" promos so I bought one. It had to be redeemed by 4/15. April 15th came and I had no idea what to buy so I tried using it on a $20 giftcard and it worked! Those card never expire...

  3. Brilliant! My house is hidden with toys I couldn't resist, but won't give my nieces and nephews. Today's children aren't kind to toys.