Monday, January 16, 2012

Shipping Reviews

I'd like to talk about the shipping quality of different online stores. It might actually change your mind about where you shop!
  • Amazon: there are different shipping speeds, availability depending on whether you have Prime or not. Student Prime is easy to get if you have a .edu address (once the year is up and your Student Prime term is up, start a new Amazon account and use your .edu address once again!). Free trials are often available as well. Amazon has free 2-day shipping with Prime purchases and free 3-5 day shipping if your standard un-Prime order is at least $25. 2-day shipping comes with UPS, 3-5 day shipping with USPS (and sometimes UPS). Tracking numbers are always sent to you upon shipment. 
  • Free 2-day shipping on everything but some items will ship overnight (new styles, and other shoes). It will show up on your Review Order page.
  •,, etc.: Free shipping on orders of at least $50. If your order is less than that, you can easily bump it up by adding an expensive item and then returning the unnecessary stuff to the store. Shipping can take a few days.
  • (American Eagle): Free 2-day shipping with ShopRunner. They very often have free shipping events that last a few days or more, so it's best to wait a bit. Otherwise, orders of $100 or more ship free. You can do the same thing as you would with Old Navy or GAP but there's more to lay out in this case. There's also free returns via ShopRunner, or you can return it whenever you want at a store.
  • (Tommy Hilfiger): Shipping is free for orders over $150 and they hardly ever have free shipping deals. I usually wait for a really amazing discount and then the $7.50 shipping cost is justified. They package items very nicely and shipping is quick.
  • they always have free shipping codes. I've made at least 30 orders there in my lifetime and never once paid for shipping. Returns can be easily done at a Sears whenever you want. The free shipping, however, can take over a week to arrive.
  • Everything ships free but it can take about a week for your stuff to arrive. The packaging isn't spectacular so sometimes the shoe box itself may come dented (not everyone minds).


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