Thursday, December 23, 2010

Of mice and men - Two mice for two platforms

Here are my reviews of two mice: An Apple Magic Mouse for Macintosh and a Logitech M305 mouse for Windows. Both are wireless.


  • The mouse is extremely sleek: while handling, you hardly feel as though you're even touching it! Smooth and shiny top and bottom for easy gliding.
  • It only comes in a white color so all kinds of mouse gunk that normally attaches to mice with use will appear. But it's easy to wipe clean.
  • The mouse takes a while (approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute) to pair with your computer. For the non-techies, pairing means that your computer realizes and acknowledges your mouse.
  • Connectivity is perfect. It pairs automatically with any Mac with Bluetooth capabilities and requires no extra software or hardware.
  • Scroll wheel (which works horizontally as well as vertically) and buttons are integrated within the mouse - which is touch sensitive.
  • People who aren't accustomed to the Magic Mouse will find it confusing when they click anddifferent functions occur because of proximity of "buttons".
  • This mouse is extremely small, and not everyone prefers that. Big-handed individuals might like something larger.
  • Scroll wheel is smooth and scrolls in increments. 
  • Sides are covered in rubber so the mouse stays firm in your handhold. It's also contoured so your palm leans downward, rather than flat across, which, I assume, is supposed to relieve the stress on your fingers.
  • The mouse comes with a small (postage-stamp size) plastic piece that must go into a USB port to allow the mouse to pair.
  • Pairs with computer extremely fast: within 3 seconds of powering up.