Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pilot G2 Gel Pens

  • Clean, undrippy ink that does not leave splatters and spots on your document.
  • Comes in a variety of thicknesses (ultra-fine, fine, medium).
  • The point retracts easily with one click. 
  • Grip is sturdy and does not fly around as you write.
  • Ink lasts a long time and does not dry out mid-way.
  • They cost approximately $2 a pen. 
  • Shirt clip snaps off easily when chewed.
  • Fine point pen writes thicker than average medium size point in a comparable brand.
Bottom Line: Stick with the ultra-fine (0.5mm) size since those are like most medium-thickness gel pens.The ink writes smoothly without skips and stains, but when writing on even slightly shiny surfaces, take care not to smudge. The ink does not dry that fast on glossy papers, but will dry extra-fast on regular matte papers. To save money, buy them in packs of two. Rubber grip may double as a teething ring for adults (while wisdom teeth emerge). Store upright whenever possible.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bath & Body Works - Pocket-Bac hand sanitizer

  • Good price - these items often are on sale for $1 (reg. $1.50).
  • Slick filler - when you need your order to reach a minimum amount (like when you want to use a certain coupon), these are one of the few very cheap items in the store.
  • Keeps hands soft and not dried out, as other popular hand sanitizers do.
  • Contains alcohol which can be used as an antiseptic on the go. This is especially handy when you're trying on earrings in the store.
  • Handy size - it fits a silicone skin (must purchase separately) that can keep the Pocket-Bac on your keyring.
  • Scent is very strong. Hands smell from the Pocket-Bac even 2 hours after application!
  • If not on sale, the price is $1.50 for the small bottle.
Bottom Line: The Bath & Body Works Pocket-Bac is essential for a purse, especially in the summertime when you are often out and away from a sink. The wide array of choices feature smells much more pleasant than comparable brands like Purell, but be sure to get a scent that you enjoy because you'll be smelling it on yourself for a while!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A.K.A. Pella #4 - Platinum Album

  • Sounds mostly like music - some of the songs sound better than their real-music counterparts!
  • Good songs that are popular - not the traditional Hamalach Hagoel and Mi Adir songs.
  • Full length CD with 14 tracks
  • Makes you feel guilty for listening to it during the Three Weeks. 
  • Features the Yafyafisa song two times. It would do better having just the Shalsheles Jr. version.
Bottom Line: The CD is really good for the Sefira days, when the theme isn't all about mourning. However, the album does make you feel slightly uncomfortable if it's listened to during the mourning days of the 3 weeks and 9 days. It has a wonderful blend of fast and slow songs. It also features a really cool track ("Greatest Medley Ever") that starts off with a rather humorous introduction.Worth every penny. Save yourself about $5 by downloading it (i.e from the Mostly Music website).

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Costco Photo Printing - How do I choose?

  • Prints are only 13 cents each - Comparable brands charge around the same price (Shutterfly at 15cents, Snapfish and 9cents).
  • Quality of paper is amazing - printed on thicker-than-average paper, which is good if you're tacking it up on your fridge with a magnet. Other brands' paper will curl. 
  • Coloring of prints are true to life - other brands use colors that are off from  your original picture (i.e. blacks look grayer).
  • Photos can be picked up in as little as 1 hour at a local Costco warehouse. You can even submit your digital files at the warehouse and pick them up after you conclude your shopping. This avoids the shipping fees that other companies tack on.
  • Slightly more pricey than some other online printing companies. 
Bottom Line: If you want to print your pictures just to have in an album or to use as proofs, you can use a cheaper company such as Shutterfly. Snapfish is not recommended because of its bad quality paper and inks. To avoid shipping or if you want full quality prints, go with Costco. - Buying and selling books

  • Affordable listing fees - listing is free, but takes a percentage only if item sells.
  • Items are listed for eternity until they are actually sold.
  • As a buyer, you are protected by their Buyer Protection.
  • 4% Ebates Cashback
  • Customer service is terrible - there is no phone number to call in case there is a problem with buying or selling a book. They will allow you to return a book to the seller should there be a legitimate problem, however the process to file a claim is lengthy and frustrating.
Bottom Line: To buy books, is the way to go. It's simple, there are many books to choose from, and shipping is always a flat rate of $3.99 for books. Just be careful and read the entire description of any item  you plan to buy. Sellers who leave cryptic messages are hiding something so be sure to contact them for additional information. Remember, if your book has a problem (i.e. isn't as described) you can only file a claim if it's within 60 days of purchase. As a seller, it's one of the most cost-effective options, versus other book-selling websites.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Herbal Essences "Hello Hydration 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner"

  • Good scent - supposedly orchid, but doesn't seem to smell like the flower.
  • Cap opens easily - unlike many other brands (Garnier Fructis, in particular) which have impossible lids that have to be opened with soapy, wet hands.
  • Very liquidy - comes gushing out of the spout too fast, causing spillage and leakage.
  • Doesn't form a good lather - bubbles are non-existant.
Bottom Line: This shampoo plus conditioner should not be used if you actually want to wash your hair. It may be used, however, should you want to give off a nice smell.

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