Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Certain Dri - Does this antiperspirant really work?

  • It eliminates or drastically reduces sweating.
  • Applied at bedtime so you never get your clothing dirty.
  • Doesn't stain clothing.
  • Low cost in relation to its efficacy: about $4 to $7.
  • Lasts a while (at least 3 months).
  • Does not have to be applied every night.
  • Does not need to be re-applied after showering/swimming.
  • It stings and itches like crazy the first few usages.
  • Only begins to work after about 3 to 6 applications.
  • It cannot be applied immediately after showering or shaving.
  • Its consistency is that of water so it may drip down if over-applied.
  • It doesn't have a deodorizing ingredient so if you do sweat, you're not guaranteed to not produce an odor. (simple logic)
  • Hard to find in local brick-and-mortar stores (easily found online).
I've never heard of Certain Dri until this spring season. I had just run out of my usual antiperspirant (AP henceforth) and was looking to try something else. After researching quite a bit online, I found some nice reviews of Certain Dri. Since it's affordable, I figured it doesn't hurt to try (it did, as I learned later on!). I was so stunned by how well this product works. 

Certain Dri is unlike any other type of AP because it doesn't stay at the skin's surface, but rather is absorbed into the pores during the night when your sweat glands are pretty much inactive, unless you suffer from nightmares. That's also why it never washes off. Certain Dri takes a few days to kick in because it's building up a concentration. You might find yourself wishing you could claw out your armpits because of the itch. It's not dangerous and it will go away! It's particularly itchy/burny after shaving, so don't use it on those nights. If you find it too drippy, use a tissue pressed to the bottle as you apply it. To combat the lack of deodorant in this product, simply apply a deodorant in the morning or use a body mist. You can buy one that has no AP in it, as to not overdo anything. This way you don't sweat and you smell nice.

To test Certain Dri I decided to do some vigorous exercise. After rollerblading for 25 minutes in 80-degree weather last Friday, I did not feel an ounce of sweat under my arms. You might wonder how this can't be dangerous if you're blocking your pores. Aren't you supposed to sweat? The thing is, your body compensates for the clogged pores by your arms and instead the sweat will find any other area of your skin to make its entrance. You're not shutting down your sweat system. It's perfectly safe in that respect. 

Bottom Line: This product works! It's affordable! Ever wondered how Prez Obama can claim he doesn't sweat? Ten to one he uses Certain Dri.


  1. THANK YOU for posting this now. I've been wondering about this product. Come summer and light clothes, I always have my eyes out for good APs. I don't sweat a lot at all, but when you're wearing a light colored top, even a drop is too much.

    (You really scared me though about the itch.)

  2. Believe me, it's a small price to pay for total confidence. The itching isn't unhandleable and it's only for the first few times. After that? Blissfully nothing.

    P. S. It's not only the light clothes that cause problems, it's dark ones too. Some fabrics turn a pastel color into a deep almost-black color when wet.

  3. I've never heard of this product before but the itching part makes me nervous to try it out. On the other hand, I might try it just because I trust you and your reviews!

    One question about how it works. After you get past the itching stages and it is absorbed into your skin, you said it will eliminate sweating. So why do you have to apply it on a daily basis? I know this question sounds silly but I just don’t understand exactly how this thing works.

  4. Ok, I'm not a biochemist yet but here's how I think of it:

    The AP is absorbed in your skin immediately, and within 5 minutes you won't even feel the wetness of it on your skin. At first you apply it daily because you want to build up a proper concentration of the stuff underneath your skin (sweat glands). One usage won't be enough to achieve maximum results. After a day or two, you'll notice a moderate change. After about 3-5 days you'll see maximum results. From that point and on, you do not need to use it ever day -- every second day is enough, according to the package insert. However, you still get max protection if you use it every day. Hope this helps.

  5. If you can find it in a big-box store like Target or Walmart, that would be cool (e.g. no shipping costs). If you're going with an online store, Medco is a good option since shipping is a flat rate of 99 cents, so your total order would be $6.28 ($5.29 + .99).

  6. I have a very bad sweating problem and all the other types of deodorant never seemed to work, but many people are recommending using certain-dri. I can't wait to try it. Hopefully it works! :)

    1. I hope it works well for you! So far, whoever I spoke to who used Certain Dri found that it worked.

  7. I'm trying this product as I speak. I haven't felt any itch and it'd been bout 30 minutes. Tomorrow my first day of school. (High) I really hope this works.

  8. I haven't really felt the itch until after a few applications of this product, so don't worry. Also, be aware that it can take 5-7 days from the first application to begin working (for me it took about 5 days). That's why it's a good idea to start a few days before the day you'll want extra coverage.

  9. I have been using this product for several years. I used be quite embarrassed about underarm sweat. Now I just don't think twice - it really has improved my quality of life. I find that I only apply it about once a week!

  10. OMG! This stuff is amazing! I depend on it! If I want to wear light colors, I can because of Certain Dry. I promise, IT WORKS!

  11. Also, you MUST use as directed! Will not work otherwise!

  12. Thanks, Amber, for your comment! It definitely does work if you use it correctly. I find that once your body gets the hang of it, so to speak, you don't have to use it as often! I use it now once a week.

  13. I also swear by this!! I have to wear a white shirt for work, not good when you sweat loads!! But after using this I have NO sweat marks under my arm pits. None. Before, I literally had wet underarms after about 5 mins of putting on my shirt, even before I started work. The itch for me comes and goes, sometimes it's really itchy and others it doesn't bother me, but it's worth it even on the itchy nights. I use it every other day throughout the summer then just once a week in the winter. Highly recommended!!! I use the solid stick too, I find it less itchy. Please try, it will work!!! :)